Rockstar’s Dan Houser has created his new studio

Rockstar’s dan houser has created his new studio

Rockstar Games co-founder Dan Houser has recorded what appears to be a new game development studio, posted on posters GTA forums discovered earlier this week (via VGC).

Rockstar co-founder in 1998 with his brother Sam, Terry Donovan and Jamie King, Dan Houser left the GTA house last March. But on June 23, Houser registered a new company in the UK called Absurd adventures in games, which appears in the category of "entertainment software development and interactive entertainment", or as we call them games.

This follows two separate records in the United States in February for Absurd Ventures in Games LLC, but also for Absurd Ventures LLC with a broader sound. Some users of the aforementioned forum speculate that this may suggest that Houser plans to move on to investment or at least a boost beyond game development.

Whatever it is, it may take a while before you find out exactly what Absurd Ventures is doing. Four years later, we still have to hear specific details about the ambitious new project of Rockstar colleagues, Leslie Benzies Everywhere, though, the former studio president left Rockstar on much less friendly terms.

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