Rumor: Sonic's next game may be open world and include "Ubisoft Towers"

Rumor: sonic's next game may be open world and include "ubisoft towers"

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Sega's recent live stream of Sonic the Hedgehog showed several ongoing projects, such as a remastering of Sonic Colors called Sonic Colors: Ultimate that will hit PC as Exclusive Epic Store on September 7th. The stream ended with a 30-second teaser of Sonic traversing a forest as various digital effects flew from his feet, leaving a bright trail that formed a circular pattern seen from above. It’s a new Sonic Team game that will hit PC in 2022, and that’s all we know for sure.

If people who claim to concentrate have tried an early version of the game (via Resetera) are reliable, however, it will be an open world with "ubisoft towers" and "located on a shady, grassy and uninhabited island dotted with ruins", with an "XP system with skill tree" that allows you to unlock skills like “spincycle,” which seems to be what Sonic is doing at the end of the teaser.

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