Rustler is basically old school Grand Theft Auto, set in a "historically inaccurate" medieval world

Rustler is basically old school grand theft auto, set in a "historically inaccurate" medieval world [/ embed]

Rustler it’s a lot like an old school Grand Theft Auto game, in two ways. It's a top-down action game in which you'll commit all sorts of weird and bizarre crimes and missions, and takes place in what the developer Jutsu Games describes as a "historically inaccurate medieval setting" full of humor. anachronisms and popular culture. references ".

You will play The Guy, a local peasant in a carefree world who is forced to deal with medieval justice, witch hunts, the Inquisition and worse. You can do “twisted” missions and missions, or you can choose to ignore the plot and do whatever you want at the moment: steal a horse, fight cages, join strangers from the round Earth, or get in a chariot. career. There is even a Great Tournament to participate in, if you really want to make a name for yourself.

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