Sable, a beautiful open world exploration game, opens on September 23rd

Sable still looks wonderful in his first extended game preview

We’ve been staring at Sable for quite some time, and now the game finally has a release date: September 23rd. The date was announced at the Summer Game Fest through a beautiful and haunting performance of the wonderful Japanese breakfast.

Sable is an elegant open world exploration game inspired by Studio Ghibli movies and the art of Jean & # 39; Moebius & # 39; Giraud. Travel through an extensive desert in search of monuments, monoliths and other characters, each of whom tells his own story. [/ embed]

The story is structured in an interesting way, seeing you gather a broader narrative from small pieces of uncovered plot. As you do this, you'll have to walk around the dunes with a very clean-looking hoverbike, exploring abandoned spaceships and listening to whispered rumors from traders.

Sable's release has been delayed several times. It was originally supposed to be released in 2019, which became 2020, but now, this September, it will definitely be out. Well, we still hope so. Sable can also be played on the first day on Xbox Game Pass.

The game will feature handmade environments, the ability to upgrade your hoverbike and change clothes, and a focus on puzzles instead of combat.

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