Sable still looks wonderful in his first extended game preview

Sable still looks wonderful in his first extended game preview

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The magnificent desert wanderer inspired by Mobius has no release date yet. But this week we got our first extended look at the game courtesy of a 13-minute montage of IGN.

I’ve been gushing over the vibrant expanse of Sable for the past ten years. But until this week, there were very few suggestions on how the game would be played. This latest play shows Sable emerging from a temple to a (relatively) bustling camp, chatting with locals and election-based dialogue enhanced with his internal monologue.

Then, of course, we get to the best part: learning to ride with your hoverbike. Far from the clean stream we’ve seen before, this training bike is rude, fat, and rides like a pig. I absolutely love it.

The rest of the trailer takes us deeper into the desert, passing through hidden temples and unlocking the ability to plan. It’s hard to underline the magnificent look of Sable in motion: warm, often fiery colors and hard outlines with just the softest hint of shadow, the animated Sable itself with a stepped frame of frames. It really feels like a Mobius comic in motion.

Sable may not have a firm release date at this time, but hopefully we’ll find out sooner. Xbox recently named it one of the many titles will arrive at Game Pass this year. Maybe that means we’ll have a firm date when Microsoft moves into the virtual E3 phase this Sunday.

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