Samsung's DDR5 RAM stacks up to 512 GB in a small 1mm array

Samsung's ddr5 ram stacks up to 512 gb in a small 1mm array

At this year’s Hot Chips 33 conference, Samsung unveiled the designs for its upcoming DDR5 memory modules. And the guy is the big business. At least in terms of capacity.

Right now, laymen are stuck with 64GB or 128GB RAM on a stretch, but it looks like it will change (using Computer base). Today, high-power, server-bound CPUs are included, such as AMD's Epyc processors support for 4 TB RAM, but they are not readily available, especially to the public.

Okay, so it's a bit excessive for a CSGO game; even for heavier workloads, 4 TB is likely to be superfluous. Entering with a good intermediate term, to cover the basics and a little more space for the head, is Samsung with its 512 GB DDR5 capabilities. Imagine, four of them lined up on your machine.

And with these designs that pack twice as many wafers into a thinner package, we get more random access memory without the need for extra space.

Currently, the 4-fold array batteries we see in TSV DDR4s are 1.2 mm high. Now, Samsung claims that the 8-fold DDR5 array batteries will be 0.2mm smaller than that. This is thanks to a roughly 40% reduction in matrix gaps, new techniques that allow engineers to handle thinner wafers, better cooling, and "error-free" TSV interconnect technology.

These massive RAM capacities are likely to find a home in data centers, but Samsung doesn’t expect a change from DDR4 to DDR5 to happen there until 2023 or 2024.

On gaming computers, the switch to DDR5 could occur much earlier with the introduction of DDR5 support with Intel Alder Lake. But maybe not with such a free capacity.

At least it would seem that Moore's law is still very much alive. Finally, the dream of high-capacity RAM that Corsair made us drool in May is coming true, and in fact, you could run 1 TB, even 2 TB of RAM in the next few years. Do not hold your breath.

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