Save your mom's video store throwing away crimes in this 90's comic caper

Save your mom's video store throwing away crimes in this 90's comic caper

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Remember the 90s? Not really (I was a kid really for most), but Skybound makes you fall in love with the Saturday-morning cartoon style of the decade for its next criminal captain, The Big Con.

It is a story taken directly from a family VHS, with a cheesy and period-appropriate trailer narration. With the loan sharks threatening to close his mother’s video store, 17-year-old Ali embarks on a road trip to steal, swindle and escape together enough money to save the store.

Every stop on your adventure opens a new robbery and you have many tools to swindle. Pickpocketing is a basic element of confidence, but with old-fashioned costumes or good nails to hear about high scores is where the real money is. Naturally, everything paints in a supersaturated 90s palette, sitting somewhere between Toejam & Earl and a Cartoon Network classic.

The game is the debut of Toronto studio Mighty Yell (a developer who has sports talent for games like Jazzpunk and Guacamelee! 2), and is published by Skybound, a company that took over The Walking Dead after Telltale bit the dust, but more recently has delved into experimental work like the heartbreaker that makes them blink Before Your Eyes.

The Big Con arrives Steam after this year.

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