Sega wants to develop some kind of “super game” in the next five years

Sega wants to develop some kind of “super game” in the next five years

Sega's latest financial data reveals that the publisher is planning something called a "super game" to be released in the next five years.

Seen by VGC, the publisher’s latest presentation outlined the company’s plans to move forward. The key to Sega's five-year plan is this unknown "super game", which the publisher only describes as a new global IP address. Sega doesn't expect massive profitability at first, but expects the game's reach to help it grow massively over time.

Along with this massive unknown, the publisher also plans to start reviving previous series, either through remasters, remakes or reboots of complete series. Sega names a few, ranging from Crazy Taxi and Virtua Fighter to House of the Dead and Panzer Dragoon. But it’s also proof that someone, somewhere in Sega, remembers that he still owns Jet Set Radio, a series that’s calling for a new entry.

Please guys?

The presentation also revealed the fundamental degree of Sonic for the publisher, as it sold 4.4 million games, although there was no news in the last year. That's more than 4 million in Total War, including last August Total War Stories: Troy. Creative Assembly is working on a we FPS in addition to the next Total War: Warhammer 3.

Elsewhere in the presentation, Sega talked about how it wants Atlus to start launching games on various platforms going forward. Hopefully the next Persona will finally find its way to PC, yes?

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