Serial Cleaners shows the pants

Serial cleaners shows the pants

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Serial Cleaners is the upcoming sequel to Serial Cleaner 2017, a game that basically allows you to play as the Pulp Fiction Wolf. Get into the bloody crime scenes, keep the cops from crawling around and take out the evidence so no one has their fingers crossed.

A new game trailer for Guerilla Collective today featured some of the clandestine ones you'll do, as well as the game's beautiful, slightly erased aesthetic, which gives me vague memories of Disco Elysium. Of course, the difference here is that when you’re out of sight, the character pulls a hoover out of his pants and starts to get rid of all the blood. Which is a lot of fun.

The sequel takes place in the 90s (the original had a great atmosphere of the 70s) and is starring a team of cleaners with their own skills: the character shown in the trailer tries to cut the bodies and the aforementioned pants.

Serial Cleaners will be released later this year on Epic, Steam and GOG.

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