Sir, you're being hunted down again in next year's Reinvented Edition

Sir, you're being hunted down again in next year's reinvented edition

Originally released in 2013, Big Robot's steam-powered survival simulator, Sir, You Are Being Hunted, will receive a new "Reinvented Edition" a new version completed the following year, after a massive upgrade of & # 39; 1.5 that fixed the original version earlier this week.

Announced by Dutch goalkeeper Den of Thieves, the Reinvented Edition is still in its early stages, but promises "huge" changes in graphics, audio, gameplay, user interface and game writing. If it works, it could be a much-needed upgrade for a game that was ultimately not fantastic, even if breathed with unsettling mechanical vibrations.

“The jaws manage to mask some of Sir’s flaws,” Ben Griffin wrote our review. "In fact, along with the obscurely designed world, humor is Sir's most important attraction, from the imaginative variety of dapper robots to the fact that you can eat jam and drink tea flasks, for sure. which is first a video game.

"But Sir needed more than a strong drink. He needed more items, more ways to experiment with enemies, and more to ease the unforgiving stealth."

This original has not been disturbed, mind you. Den of Thieves has updated Sir with its first major patch since 2014. Patch 1.5 completely rebuilds the hitherto broken multiplayer of the game and adds official servers, while the single player has received an impressive number of bug fixes (a complete list of which may be in the game patch notes). Unfortunately, many of these fixes have not been transferred to multiplayer, which for technical reasons is still running in an earlier version of Unity.

“We decided it was best to have a multiplayer that works even though it’s still on Unity 4 and has a bit of a buggy,” Den of Thieves explained.

Still, it’s a very welcome update, though it doesn’t dramatically reinvent the way Sir plays from time to time. It may be the same awkward and disappointing game it was before, but now your hunts should run much safer moving forward. We hope that next year's Reinvented edition will add the missing whelms.

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