Solasta: Crown of the Magister to get wizards and more in the first big update

Solasta: crown of the magister to get wizards and more in the first big update

Solasta: Crown of the Magister left Early Access on May 27 and the turn-based RPG based on the rules of the fifth edition of D&D was quite well received, with 90% positive user reviews on Steam. Developers Tactical Adventures is currently working on the first major Solasta update, which will add an Iron Man difficulty mode and the wizard class (which was an extensive goal from its Kickstarter), and is scheduled for release on July 13th.

Wizards are different from wizards in that they use charisma instead of intelligence to feed their spells, relying on the strength of personality rather than that boring learning of books. They get their powers from an Origin, and Solasta will be able to choose from three: Draconic Bloodline (which is the usual D&D option, based on one of your ancestors connecting with a dragon), Mana Painter (who wants say it drains the magic around you) and Children of the Rift (which means you get your powers from a spooky cataclysm from Solasta’s past called Closing the Rift).

The update will also add more environments to use in Solasta Dungeon Maker, I hate myself support for the GOG version, Portuguese and Brazilian Russian locations, and various bug fixes.

Rick Lane gave Solasta a thumbs up in his review, calling it "the truest virtual representation of a set of D&D rules since Neverwinter Nights." If you adjust Baldur & # 39; s Gate 3 until you leave Early Access, it is a solid alternative.

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