Some heroes built an old school Lego space computer that really works

Some heroes built an old school lego space computer that really works

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Remember those days of sliding through Lego tables to find the perfect part and come across this little blue space computer? "I'd like to have a blue control panel like this," you would whisper breathlessly. Finally, in this age of home computing, someone decided to make this dream come true with a giant version that actually works.

YouTuber Dyoramic was responsible for building the thing using an Adafruit color OLED board, a 1.5-inch color OLED display and an ESP32 microcontroller (using Brick fans). It connects to a PC via USB and even has a small spatial animation on boot: a nice touch.

The box is fully 3D printed and is approximately six times larger than the original 10cm x 10cm Lego piece. Actually, only three of the six buttons are connected, as that’s all it took.

Dyoramic's lego giant computer

(Image credit: Dyoramic – Youtube)

Users can go through several modes, including one that makes it look like a small radar, which is what the creator had always imagined was the original Lego board. Come to think of it, the cross is a dead gift.

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