Someone spent over $ 4,000 on this Gucci bag at Roblox

Someone spent over $ 4,000 on this gucci bag at roblox

When I think of Roblox’s Mega Blox characters, I don’t think it’s fashionable. And yet at least one player thought so much about his Roblox look that he spent a whopping $ 4,115 on a limited-edition Gucci handbag to carry to his favorite obby.

As he points out The law of fashion, the fashion brand hosted its own “Gucci Garden Experience” event on the online platform last month. Apparently a major advertising campaign, the room allows players to try (and potentially buy) some high-fashion accessories for their block avatars.

One of these, the Queen Bee Dionysus bag, was initially sold for a mere 475 Robux (about $ 5). But since they were only available for one hour a day in two days, the price of the tour started immediately. The list most successfully sold the bag for $ 4,115, although it was reported that some tried to pay for it for more than $ 10,000.

A handbag on sale at roblox for about $ 10,000

(Image credit: Roblox, via The Fashion Law)

Needless to say, the actual version of Dionysus was originally sold for a “mere” $ 3,400.

Of course, the astronomical prices of in-game cosmetics are nothing new. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is practically the main model for this, with markets full of thousands of dollar knives and gun skins (with a healthy dose of money laundering next door).

Recently, Roblox repositioned itself as a platform for "experiences," not for games, following the legal strangeness surrounding the Epic vs. Apple lawsuit. That said, Roblox has always found places for scenes outside of games, with a fad long before Gucci got involved. That said, I hope someone wears their extremely expensive accessories on top of Terry Cavanagh's giant man.

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