Sony continues to draw the line between annoying PlayStation owners and putting their games on the PC

Uncharted 4 will arrive on pc according to sony's report

Over the past year, we've had some mixed messages from Sony about its ambitions to bring first-hand games to PC. It has been said before that he wants to contribute more of his games in our own way and that he has had a very solid success with the PC versions of Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone.

More recently, however, the head of Sony Studios, Hermen Hulst, released cold water in the hope that we would see PC releases on the same day as the new PlayStation 5 games. from the table in a new interview with Game informant in which he made it very clear that PlayStation consoles remain the priority.

“Normally, there have been about two years between the launch on our platform and the PC platform,” Hulst said. "But you can trust us to continue creating unique content that defines the platform for PlayStation – that's part of the reason we exist.

"It's very important for us to make the most of the platform, create showcases for the platform and really let the public know what they're contributing to the overall experience."

That’s not to say that Sony has a second thought about the PC market, just the same-day versions, which we’ve taken for granted with the game releases on Xbox consoles, which probably won’t happen any time soon. Hulst said in June that we "value PC gamers," but that the issue was finding "the right times to launch each game," presumably to maintain the value of exclusivity for PlayStation owners.

From what we’ve seen so far, Sony’s optimal window right now seems to be measured in years: Horizon Zero Dawn was released on PlayStation 4 in February 2017 and didn’t hit PC until August 2020, while Days Gone had about a year less, coming to PC in May 2021 after a PS4 release in April 2019. The wait for Uncharted has been even longer: Uncharted 4, the most recent release of the series, came out on PS4 in May 2016 and while it was released on PC was leaked earlier this year in a presentation for Sony investors, has not yet been officially announced.

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