Sony insists it now really likes crossplay, honestly

Sony insists it now really likes crossplay, honestly

In the increasingly common trend of adding crossover games to all multiplayer games under the sun, Sony has been the only major company to drag support for the popular feature. This was mainly taken advantage of by Microsoft, which now enjoys telling everyone how much it likes crossplay and wants Sony to love it as much as it does.

Thanks to recent court statements, Sony's reasons for the arrest have become clearer. Documents released as part of the ongoing Epic vs. Apple legal saga showed that Sony's cross-compliance entailed a special fee that game publishers must pay. Basically, Sony wants to make sure that PlayStation gamers don’t run out to spend their money on other platforms, even though they rely on Sony’s servers / infrastructure to actually play the game.

This demand for revenue cuts is potentially the reason why, last month, Borderlands 3 announced that it would now support crossover gaming, except on Playstation. This was a fairly public call from Sony, and the situation is still murky.

Despite the abnormal copyright policy, Playstation CEO Jim Ryan recently he said to Axios who wants PlayStation to support cross-gaming in more games in the future. "We support and encourage cross-gaming," Ryan said, citing several titles that currently support the feature and others, such as Destiny 2, which will soon introduce it. “That number will continue to grow,” he added.

Ryan was asked about last month's disagreement with Gearbox and said he did not want to discuss a "live business issue with a longtime partner," but added that "our policies are consistent across publishers."

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