South Korea passes the law with important implications for Apple against Epic

Apple employs 500 people to manually check each shipment in the app store

The National Assembly of South Korea has voted to pass a law that will force Apple and Google to allow developers to use alternative payment methods in iOS and Android app stores (thank you, Me more). In normal times, this would be great news. In the context of Apple and Epic's ongoing legal battle over anti-competitive practices, it's huge.

The bill was passed today and according to the Wall Street Journal, will become law once signed by President Moon Jae-in. South Korea’s telecommunications business law is being amended to prevent large platform owners like Apple from getting developers to use their integrated payment systems. In addition, it has provisions to stop retaliatory measures by platform owners towards developers who choose to use alternative payment systems that, for example, would have stopped Apple from removing Fortnite from the iOS store after Epic was installed your own payment system.

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