Spins Coins master: Tips and Tricks to Get Free Towers and Coinsn 2021

Spins coins master: tips and tricks to get free towers and coinsn 2021

Spins Coins master : Combine the game’s strategy base with the thrill of chaotic machines and you get the ultimate coin. The gameplay is simple: spin the slot machine to perform actions.

You can earn coins, attack other players ‘seats, deposit player attacks or get shields that reduce the effects of other players’ attacks. Then use the coins you build and improve your basic structure.

Spins Coins master – Tips to Get Free Towers and Parts

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Currency masters are as simple as they come, so there’s no need to learn them from the mechanics and start playing. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways to optimize your gaming and enhance your currency experience.

Read on for a complete guide to coin masters, including some tips and tricks to speed up the construction of your headquarters and keep your currency deposits at the safety of other players.

Spins Coins master – Don’t Hoard Your Coins

You are always subject to RAID potential that takes up most of the currency you hold. That’s why you should always spend coins whenever you can afford it. This is especially important if you run out of shields or haven’t unlocked your Rhino Pet!

Having a large deposit of coins in your pocket also makes it a prime target for big attacks. Big raid is the maximum bet the attack, if successful, can end up with a robber with millions of your share!

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Spins coins master: tips and tricks to get free towers and coinsn 2021

Big attack – Spins Coins master

Spins Coins master. If you have a lot of tricks at your disposal, you may be tempted to want to increase your stakes and enjoy the bonus rounds in the rotation.

This is a very feasible way to speed up your share income. However, it is better to keep your rounds flying a very rich player.

Apart from slot machines, you can view the master parts you have assigned as well as their current currency. Save your bet for coins with a lot of coins.

Since the number of coins you get from RAID is proportional to the number of coins the player has, using only the maximum bet on very rich currencies, you have the possibility to get a lot of money in a very short time in a very short time.

If you go for a big raid, you should always be Foxy as an active pet. Foxy gives you another shovel to explore in the raid so you have an extra chance to earn tons of coins.

Buy chests in each village

Spins Coins master. Individual cards do not offer any bonuses, but complement the card collection offers. You should always buy as many caisses as you can afford when you enter a new village. Lower tier cards become more difficult to get when pairing at village level, the early phase is the best place to get the low tier cards you need to complete the collection.

There’s no worse feeling than having to spend the joker just to replace the missing generic map that you can get your hands on when you start playing!

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Don’t throw in your company bonus

Your pet upgrade is only available for four hours after activating it. If you can’t play for four hours, you need to keep the pet active until you have a four hour window that you can pour into coins.

This applies even to rhino survivors; When your seat is surrounded, it won’t really attack unless you specifically send it in to do so.

Spins coins master: tips and tricks to get free towers and coins


Spins Coins master. The stars indicate your rank and that of other players. You can get more stars by creating a village and collecting cards. Pets are adorable animals that accompany you in attacks and attacks.

These little loyal creatures also offer cool bonuses that help boost your journey to the coins.

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