Splitgate’s newest map is a tribute to the classic Facing Worlds of the Unreal tournament

Splitgate’s newest map is a tribute to the classic facing worlds of the unreal tournament

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Splitgate, the underrated FPS of the arena that is basically Halo if everyone carried a portal weapon, is in the middle of a total upgrade. Not only will it hit consoles with full compatibility in July, but there are three new maps, one of which will be especially interesting for classic Unreal Tournament fans.

We have an extensive look at these three maps in a new showcase video from the previous 1047 Games, including a look at the game's updated graphics (lots of lighting). If you’re a reader, here’s a quick rundown of the three maps that will come in the July 27 update:

  • Previous destruction: A tribute to the map of the unreal tournament facing worlds with opposing temples facing each other
  • Cliff: A multi-level, low-light excavation site with wide lines of sight up and dense corridors below
  • Impact: A reused farm centered around a prominent alien ship with its own interior

I haven’t spent much time with Unreal Tournament, but I can see why Splitgate chose Facing Worlds to be based on Foregone Destruction. With Andy wrote about last year, the simplicity of two mirrored structures that oppose each other is compelling in pure FPS. The reinvention of Splitgate seems to change the rocky bridges of Facing World for the walls of the firm’s portal into a smaller design. The placement of the portal walls stands out here: it seems that no matter where you want to look, there is a clear path to the almost instantaneous flanks to the opposite temple. You can probably also find sniper rifle pads in either tower.

Crag and Impact, on the other hand, make me feel clearly more Halo. The shotguns play really well with the improved mobility of the Splitgate portal, so I’m especially excited to hit the depths of the Cliff as snipers visit it from above.

Splitgate is free to play right now, although this July 27 update seems like a great time to jump in if you’ve been flying under the radar. That’s when you get these new maps, new look, updated animations, cosmetics, and loads. And not to mention crossplay, which will be turned on when the beta console launches on July 13th.

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