STALKER 2 will use Unreal Engine 5

Stalker 2 will use unreal engine 5

Stalker 2 will use Unreal Engine 5 when it is released next year, according to a tweet from GSC Game World developers. It will be one of the first crop releases to use the big update to the Epic Games engine, and perhaps the most anticipated.

STALKER 2: Heart of Chernobyl is the sequel to the classic cult trilogy of immersive shots, and over the years we have learned many things as it was announced, without warning, cancel, do not cancel, return to link and mix between developers.

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Unreal Engine 5 debuted last year, but will not be released publicly until early 2022. The previous confirmation only indicated that Stalker 2 used Unreal Engine 4. This means that Epic has probably been quite involved in the development of Stalker 2. , consulting technical details and helping with optimization as the final version of the engine takes shape.

It is possible that it developed on the 4th and was partially changed to 5; the change to Unreal Engine 5 could explain why Stalker 2 would be released on April 28, 2022 instead of this year. Following the system requirements for Stalker 2, you are sure to use hardware that can meet the requirements of UE5.

The graphics in Stalker 2 look pretty impressive, as evidenced by my favorite tech show so far, which is about really realistic teeth. If an Xbox 360 character can fit in the Unreal Engine 5 character tab, how many do you think can fit in? A dozen? Three dozen? A hundred?

I can’t help but imagine that golden teeth can last longer, right? Five hundred? One thousand? How many Marcus Fenixes per tooth is what I want to know. Give me a phoenix to tooth ratio.

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