Star Citizen completes its first star system with the game's cloud city

Star citizen completes its first star system with the game's cloud city

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The perpetual development of Star Citizen continues with the release of Alpha 3.14, which finally completes the Stanton system with a floating city turned into a luxury factory in the sky.

Completing the game’s first star system (which, as far as I know, has nothing to do with PC Gamer news editor Rich Stanton), Orison completes the set with a floating network of stations, hangars, and hotels in low orbit around the gas giant Crusader.

In addition to a new high-end destination, full of new stores and facilities to explore, Crusader offers Cloud Imperium the chance to showcase Star Citizen’s new volumetric cloud technology. There’s a cheeky Bespin atmosphere to watch as the sunset hits the tops of the clouds from Orison’s balcony, but hey, what’s a science fiction setting without at least one Cloud City?

Alpha 3.14 also adds new user interface elements for missile control, introduces power management and radar scanning features, and adds the "Taurus" payload variation to the Constellation line of ships. Also added to Stanton Station is a new dynamic PVP event that pits hackers against station security.

Despite nearly a decade of ongoing crowdfunding, Star Citizen is still a long way from any kind of final completion date. But that hasn’t stopped the heavy project from bringing in record figures, with 2020 is Star Citizen's most profitable year to date. Cloud Imperium has recently used these funds to add another studio to development efforts, as UK-based Firesprite Games is now working on a 40-on-40 Battlefield-style mode called Theaters of War.

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