Star Wars: The Old Republic celebrates its tenth anniversary with a major expansion

Star wars: the old republic celebrates its tenth anniversary with a major expansion

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Star Wars: The Old Republic will soon be ten years since its release: a period during which this excellent MMO has been going from strength to strength. Bioware Austin has announced that on the occasion of the occasion, the game will receive its next major expansion, called Legacy of the Sith. It will be free for subscribers and will be released later this year. The game was originally released on December 20, 2011, so expect it at the same time.

Legacy of the Sith will see players "in a military campaign to secure a vital planet for their faction as they discover the final plan of the renegade Sith, Darth Malgus." This cheerful man has long been part of the history of the Old Republic (here is the wiki entry), and reports of his death appear to have been greatly exaggerated.

Star wars: the art of the old republic for the legacy of the sith expansion.

(Image credit: Bioware)

This story can be played solo or in multiplayer and will also have “the toughest challenges so far” the game has seen for groups. These cooperative missions include "a flash point located in a tomb on the mountain of the remote planet Elom, as well as an operation on the remains of a deep space research station."

The expansion will also introduce an important new feature called "Combat Styles," which will allow players to choose a specific class story and combine it with "skill sets" from other related technologies or classes. quite forced ". I'm not ashamed to say that the problem with this question made me think about reinstalling the game: "Play as a soldier with a sniper rifle or a Sith Inquisitor with a lightsaber in each hand, or even secretly use the powers of the dark side by pretending to be a member of the Jedi Order. Charges will increase your customization ability, allowing you to switch between game styles and equipment with a click. "

Example of legacy of the sith combat styles.

(Image credit: bioware)

In addition to the big changes, a lot of improvements in the quality of life are promised. There will be a review of the character creation system, updates to the “description and loading experience” that sounds good, streamlining of existing class designs, an increase in the level limit (currently 75) to 80.

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