Steam Deck reservations are already on eBay for absolutely stupid prices

Steam deck reservations are already on ebay for absolutely stupid prices

When Valve announced the Steam Deck yesterday, it also revealed a plan to prevent resellers from making profits by taking advantage of a limited supply – anyone making a reservation must have made a purchase on Steam before June 2021. The goal is to ensure that no one can take out a bunch of new Steam accounts and then use them to reserve a large stack of Steam Decks that can then be downloaded at massively inflated prices.

It’s a strategy that can prevent institutional resellers from banking, but it’s not a perfect firewall. Steam Deck bookings were posted today and the online auction site eBay it’s already swimming with a “pre-sale of confirmed order” at prices well above cost. A list for a 64GB drive, for example, has offers starting at $ 550 and a “Buy Now” cost of $ 750, almost double the normal price of $ 399. The lowest price I’ve seen on a 512GB drive is $ 949; at least a true optimist asks for more than double that amount.

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