Stranger Things will be released by Dead by Daylight in November

Stranger things will be released by dead by daylight in november

Netflix’s sci-fi horror series, Stranger Things, separates itself from Dead by Daylight’s long asymmetric survival-horror game. Publisher Behavior Interactive announced today that all characters and costumes related to the series will no longer be available for purchase after November 17th.

The good news is that from August 18 until its elimination, the characters of Stranger Things – Nancy, Steve and Demogorgon – will be on sale at half price and the costumes of the three will also be discounted until September 8.

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Players who already have Stranger Things content (or purchase it before removing it) will continue to have access, with the exception of the Hawkins National Lab map, which will be completely removed from the game. Character-specific perks and achievements will also be adjusted so that they are generic and therefore available to everyone, although if you have already unlocked them, they will remain as is.

It is an unfortunate loss, especially due to the popularity of Stranger Things, but far from unpublished. Expiring licenses (which I guess is the cause of their removal) have also wreaked havoc with games included Alan Wake, Grand Theft Auto and Alpha Protocol, among others. While licenses for popular games are sometimes renewed, such as with Alan Wake, Netflix may be reluctant to redo its deal with Behavior Interactive due to its recent decision to enter gaming itself. alone.

You can find complete information on the release of Stranger Things from Dead by Daylight in the FAQ at And here’s another good news: as the Demogorgon marches, it looks like Hellraiser’s Pinhead is on its way.

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