Streamer's first Final Fantasy 14 experience ruined by idiots

Streamer's first final fantasy 14 experience ruined by idiots

In case you missed it, Final Fantasy 14 had a bit of a moment this weekend. The game had a number of simultaneous players of all time on Steam, thanks in part to regular World of Warcraft transmitter Asmongold, who decided to try out the rival MMO for the first time. For the most part, it was a lovely little stream. More than 200,000 spectators tuned in to see Asmongold come down to Eorzea for the first time, and it looked like he was really having fun.

But with all the things in life, some clowns soon spoiled the fun. As soon as Asmongold landed in the first public area, he was greeted by a mountain of other players. If you’ve never played Final Fantasy 14, some of the classes have pretty nasty animations (look at you, Dark Knight) and there are certain unlockable mounts. massive. They can be a nightmare on their own, but trying to overcome a group of them can be a nightmare. Groups of people can make it difficult to select specific targets or NPCs, and large mounts or animations can hinder your vision.

Asmongold seemed to be a fan of the initial crowd, if not a little overwhelmed by the huge shit, laughing at the chaos. But as time went on, it became clear that it was getting harder and harder for him to play and enjoy the game. "Listen guys, guys. I can't deal with all this, relax," he told his fans as he tried to sort out his class mission. "Chill out boys, chill out."

The mountains and crowds were relentless throughout Asmongold’s 10-hour broadcast, only yielding for brief periods in which his character would embark on an instant mission or dungeon. The chaos continued the eight-hour stream yesterday, with a character riding a gigantic mountain of whales especially irritating. It was clearly an unwanted presence of Asmongold, and his irritation can be felt through his second stream.

Fortunately, it seems that the GMs in the game intervened to help sort things out. A player who claimed to be the whale assembler shared a screenshot on 4chan, showing a Square Enix email forbidding the user from harassment and interruption. The ban was then shared on reddit, with most commentators agreeing it was well deserved.

Honestly, it’s a bit frustrating to see Asmongold try Final Fantasy 14 for the first time. I can’t help but feel like they have hundreds of pursuers following you, killing your mobs, and deliberately planning their giant ass mounts on NPCs and missions, it would get tired very quickly. Asmongold said so far he is enjoying the game although, hopefully, stream snipers will die over time.

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