Take care and grow a garden full of naked partygoers

Take care and grow a garden full of naked partygoers

I was never good with the crowds, even before they arrived with the risk of deadly respiratory infections. But I will make an exception for the wonderful colorful ocean of vibrant bodies that stroll, shop, and debut through this magnificent, hand-painted field.

We live in possibility is a free gardening sandbox by Robert Yang, a queer game developer (and former PC Gamer contributor), whose work is best summarized Hard guys—A perfect pixel recreation of an iconic viral video The British boys were hit with a chair. Working with cartoonist Eleanor Davis, her latest is a little softer, but no less interested in naked body politics.

We Dwell, a very practical experience, puts an open field in front of you. If you click and drag, flowers will be planted, while a parade of naked strangers begins to creep in slowly, at first and then in floods. Sometimes they come with decorations that, once they appear, will influence their behavior. Music equipment will make them dance, trees could give them hats, police greats will turn them into “conservatives” who chase others.

A garden tool arrangement.

(Image credit: Robert Yang, Eleanor Davis)

You can remove unsightly objects yourself by dragging them to the side of the screen. But sometimes one of your visitors will steal something from you, whether you like it or not. Maintaining the ideal garden requires constant vigilance.

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