Take-Two is working on three more remasters or reissues

Grand theft auto 6 is still “early in development” and may not be released until 2025

Take-Two Interactive is working on three “unannounced iterations of previously released securities,” the company recently said in a presentation to investors. The Rockstar Games, 2K and Private Division holding company already has three remakes, upgrades or remasters scheduled for release next year, but apparently there are three more to be announced.

Earlier this year, rumors swirled about a remake of Grand Theft Auto 3, as well as its derivatives Vice City and San Andreas. These rumors remain unconfirmed or unconfirmed. However, they would adapt to Take-Two's remastering strategy, which is based on full remakes of old titles and slight upgrades to new titles. Last year’s Mafia: Definitive Edition is a great example. They could also fit in with Take-Two’s recent legal action soaring around the Grand Theft Auto 3 modifications.

Rockstar Games will release Grand Theft Auto V: Expanded and Enhanced for the latest generation of gaming consoles, as well as the standalone version of Grand Theft Auto Online on November 11th. This year will also see the release of the Kerbal space program of the private division for current generation consoles.

Take-Two has had a very aggressive release schedule in recent years and has announced it plans to release 62 games by 2024. (Follow the link for our assumptions about what they are.) They also plan to announce a new franchise "soon," which some say will be the Marvel X-Com game filtered.

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