Tell Me Why is free this month

Tell me why is free this month

All three episodes of Dontnod Brothers' Supernatural Adventure Tell Me Why are free to download and stay in Windows Store all month.

The first Tell Me Why event was permanently free earlier this year. Now, however, the entire trilogy can be saved for free in the Windows Store, even if it's not Steam, for reasons not reported. In fact, Dontnod hasn’t said why Tell Me Why is being given away.

Given the issue, keep in mind, you’re likely to tell me why it’s going to be free during Pride Month. The game follows a trans man when he reconnects with his hometown, a PCG angle reviewer, Sam Greer he felt it might have been something special, if he hadn’t quickly strayed into Dontnod’s particular brand of superpower shenanigans.

"Tell Me Why also wants to tell a dark and mysterious story about the twins' past, with a dangerous hooded figure chasing them and covering up a conspiracy, while the threat of the supernatural appears above all else. These two tones limit to the lethal ".

But when it comes to small town relationships, tell me why it can be something very special. At least, special enough that it’s probably worth it now that it’s all free.

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