Tencent wants to make the "next big PC RTS"

Tencent wants to make the "next big pc rts"

The colossal Chinese publisher Tencent has founded a new studio with the modest goal of creating the next StarCraft, so naturally it has been done with two former Blizzard developers to make it a reality.

Spending much of his time on Blizzard in StarCraft 2 before moving on to Warcraft and Diablo, lead designer David Kim is one of two veterans of Blizzard to headline Tencent’s new Uncapped Games. Talking to GamesIndustry.biz, Kim defined the offer as a "lifelong opportunity," fulfilling a long-held desire to return to real-time strategy.

"I've always wanted to get rid of another RTS game for a long time, maybe close to a decade," Kim said. "If we're doing a sequel to an RTS, there are a few things that have to be in this game to make a sequel. But if we make it a whole new game, it will open up more possibilities when it comes to the design of the RTS. game. be able to run what we want best to run. I think that's the advantage we have here ".

Kim is joined by lead producer Jason Hughs, who is stepping down as lead producer on Diablo 3 and 4 (and before Hawken criminally undervalued). He added that there is "a lot of interest in RTS" at Tencent, especially for the CEO, who "really just wants us to make a big game."

It is an ambitious dream, especially given the dire situation in which the genre finds itself. The heyday of RTS was decades ago, and it’s clear that StarCraft 2, now more than a decade old, is still one of the most popular. Last year, Fraser asked, "Can real-time strategy return to the brink of death?" and he did not have much confidence. But who knows? Maybe Uncapped Games will be the one to change that.

In addition to founding new studios, Tencent has been an investment in recent years. The publishing giant made money in more than 31 studios last year and recently bought a majority stake in Spec Ops: The Line, developer Yager.

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