Terraform Mars in this clever combination of tile laying and nonviolent 4X

Terraformers is an upcoming strategy game with known premises, Terraforming the planet Mars, but a new implementation of the game very different from what I've seen otherwise. I had the opportunity to play it during Steam Next Fest 2021 and I loved the emphasis on strategy more like Civilization V or a tile board game, than the recent real-time base building games with the same theme.

The turn-based game of Terraformers emphasizes the construction of several cities in the regions of Mars. These cities are in charge of several nearby regions and it was quite interesting to choose between giving a recently explored region to an existing city to increase its production or founding a new city.

As the turns go by, you take out new construction cards and earn through events, as well as spinning through a cast of characters for Mars' leadership. As generations go by, these leaders can age, retire, and die.

An image of the terraforming game of mars terraformers.

(Image credit: Asteroid Lab)

Beyond the basics of exploration and expansion, each city was a mini-game of placing new buildings close to one to build synergy. So the choice was always to build now and risk losing later synergies or dedicating individual cities to a specific specialty, even if that means losing production in the meantime.

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