Tetris Effect: Connected will become a free upgrade, you will get a cross game

Tetris effect: connected will become a free upgrade, you will get a cross game

When Tetris Effect: Connected, the multiplayer update to Tetris Effect, released last November, was only available to new adopters; you had to buy a new copy of Tetris Effect or download the game using Game Pass. This summer Tetris Effect: Connected will finally become a free update for all players regardless of platform. In addition, the next one will also be released Steam at the end of July.

Tetris Effect: Connected also gets a crossover game: players could sign up for a closed beta that runs until July 5 and includes all platforms, including Oculus Rift. Along with cross-play, some new features will be added, such as viewer mode. In this mode, which is apparently the "number 1 requested by the Tetris Effect community" between 4 and 6 spectators can join to watch a match. This is a good addition, especially since it’s still hard to have friends to watch a co-op party on the couch. Other features include a PAL speed, a setting for replicating frame rate and Tetris motion on the NES, and a slow speed setting.

Making the Tetris effect: available to all gamers is a great idea: Tetris ’vibrant competitive scene has already demonstrated the great multiplayer game it has and Switch owners have had their own multiplayer Tetris with Tetris 99 Beyond that, the Tetris effect is just a very good game, he got it turn me into a fan with its PC version, and I still play it most days.

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