That’s why Mass Effect Legendary Edition was released in Steam’s mixed magazines

That’s why mass effect legendary edition was released in steam’s mixed magazines

Mass Effect Legendary Edition released on Steam Friday and the reception was lukewarm: for most of the day, the remastered RPG trilogy had a "mixed" user score on Steam. (Right after this article was published, Steam's rating changed to "mostly positive" and on Saturday it has become "very positive"). However, do not resign yourself to disappointment. Many of the negative reviews cite technical complaints that do not necessarily apply to you, and there are some enthusiastic recommendations as well.

For $ 60, Mass Effect Legendary Edition is a 100GB package that contains remastered versions of Mass Effect 1, 2, and 3 (minus multiplayer) and all the DLC (except Pinnacle Station). Being the oldest, Mass Effect 1 has attracted more attention. Along with the graphic remastering, the combat has been modified to feel more like Mass Effect 2 and 3, and some may be disappointed that the original role-playing systems are & # 39; 39; have relaxed. For example, you now have a precise point of view instead of a circle that vaguely suggests where your bullets will go.

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