The 1.02 Mass Effect Legendary Edition patch mostly adds cosmetic enhancements

The 1. 02 mass effect legendary edition patch mostly adds cosmetic enhancements

With just under 12GB, the Mass Effect Legendary Edition 1.02 patch is pretty strong, with changes to all three games and the launcher, but a closer look reveals that, at least on PC, it offers visual enhancements and solutions to track achievements . Some of the issues that players pointed out to Steam on release seem to have been fixed with the release date update 1.01, and the player reception has been positive overall, but some still report bugs in release.

While it’s always hard to know how widespread problems there are, such as Origin launcher drain performance or blockages at startup, the patch notes don’t mention any known issues on your PC at the moment. It is unlikely that the team will still be in the middle of some calibrations. As for the issue of missing FOV slider, at least the modders have come to the rescue. Below you can find the notes of the patch completely.

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