The 30 Series RTX cards are available at Best Buy and you will never want to be a Canadian PC player again

The nvidia rtx 3080 ti goes on sale today, this is where to find one

Calloo callay, is a special day to be a Canadian PC player. Especially if you’re a Canadian PC gamer living within 16 cities with a Best Buy store receiving a shipment of new Nvidia RTX 30 Series graphics cards.

There are many reasons to want to live in Canada and Best Buy has just announced another. On your blog (via HardwareCanucks) Best Buy says that today it will "offer a limited number of GeForce RTX series graphics cards in the store only at certain Best Buy locations."

It will be a matter of queuing at different Best Buy locations across Canada before they open, obviously sticking to any need for social distancing, grabbing a ticket and buying a new GPU. This is one card per person / family offer, and you’ll know if you get a new bright Ampere graphics card even before you open the store.

"We will have as many tickets as there are graphics cards available in each store," says the message, which means that if a customer gets a ticket, they will be guaranteed the opportunity to buy a graphics card at the store once it opens. the store on the day of the sale ".

What Best Buy says is that there is no guarantee that the card you want is definitely available in this store. You will still receive a limited number of the most popular GPUs, and the selection will vary depending on the store itself.

The following Best Buy stores are set for card drop today, so check the store’s opening hours by clicking on the links to see when you’ll need to go online to get a card. Any card you can find for its sounds.

It will be a scrum no matter what, but my advice should be that even if you arrive at a Best Buy with a golden ticket in hand, don’t just buy any graphics card you can find. Make sure you really want to and don’t just spend thousands on one GeForce RTX 3090 because it's the only one around.

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any equivalent block on the Best Buy site in the United States, so there doesn't seem to be a way to find out new drops like this on Stateside. But if you’re in Canada and you miss it this time, it’s another place to watch it with the Best Buy Canadian blog.

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