The & # 39; The Wailing Caverns & # 39; of Hearthstone, arrives next week

The & # 39; the wailing caverns & # 39; of hearthstone, arrives next week

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Initial concerns that adding mini-sets between Hearthstone’s three-fold annual card expansions would further inflate the game’s substantial cost of keeping up, so far, have proven unfounded. This is because Blizzard surprised players by allowing them to buy all the cards for the game's gold or for a fixed price, without the need for random opening of packages.

So, bottom line is that we're really looking forward to the second iteration of the mini-set format, which Blizzard has just unveiled. The Wailing Caverns is a set of 66 cards that will arrive next Thursday that will include four Legendary cards, one Epic (x2), 14 Rare (x2) and 16 common cards.

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