The adventure of the dark fairy tales Lost in Random is presented this September

The adventure of the dark fairy tales lost in random is presented this september [/ embed]

At EA Play we had a good long look Lost at random, the next combat adventure of Zoink Games, creators of Faith. In this adult fairy tale in the style of Tim Burton, you play Even, a girl looking for her sister, Odd, who has been kidnapped by an evil queen. Next to the adventure is friend Dicey, a friend of Even, a six-sided dice who approaches the stick legs when he doesn’t cling to his shoulders like a backpack.

Lost in Random Pits Even and his friendly cube of companions against a menagerie of twisted monsters as he confronts the evil queen. Armed with weapons such as bows and shooters, Even can also collect coins to buy cards, which give him new attacks and abilities. And it’s also an adventure, so there are weird NPCs to get together and chat with, some useful, some decidedly not.

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