The Amazing American Circus was delayed until September

The amazing american circus was delayed until september [/ embed]

The Amazing American Circus is a deck builder that allows you to do a side-by-side display of travel, trekking through the 19th century United States, joining your company and surprising the rubies at every stop. It seems a bit like Slay the Spire just instead of throwing poisoned knives at cultists, impresses members of the audience by playing cards like Wild Clown Chase, Dangerous Act or Smokey Kiss. There are also rivals to defeat, drunken mime artists to deal with, and it seems that werewolves and Bigfoot are also involved? Honestly, I stopped paying attention when the clowns showed up. No thankyou.

The Amazing American Circus was tested in May and the developers of Juggler Games / Klabater have implemented changes based on the comments of these tests. To achieve all of these changes, it is withdrawing from the originally announced release date from August 12 to September 16.

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