The Amiga mascot from the 90s Zool is being exhumed for unknown reasons

The amiga mascot from the 90s zool is being exhumed for unknown reasons [/ embed]

Sonic the Hedgehog has a lot to answer for. When the Sega mascot debuted in 1991, the wild success of the game saw all developers under the sun rush to create their own cartoon pet platform game. Wow, there were some stinkers: who else remembers Boogerman? Cool Spot? Even McDonalds had Mick and Mack: Global Gladiators.

Zool was far from the worst of these games, but he’s not terribly good either: the magazines of the time gave him outrageously high scores, no doubt why he sold well, but his main asset was always to look good and take advantage of the maximum The Amiga color palette for stunning visuals.

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