The annoying Biomutant narrator can now be turned off

The annoying biomutant narrator can now be turned off

Biomutant will finally let you roam its wonderful open world without an Attenborough-like narrator speaking in childish nonsense, thanks to the game’s first massive patch.

The ambitious open-world cattle adventure launched last week with fairly mediocre reviews. While much of this was reduced to weightless combat and outdated structure, Biomutant also criticized its narrator, a Stanley Parable-like figure who spoke about the events of the game, representing the only voice of the game characters with a strange and curious tone. .

"David Shaw Parker's performance as an omnipotent narrator is not bad, but his tone would clash with the fragmented English of writing, which is often embarrassingly twee," James wrote in our Biomutant review. "I never want to hear a Shakespearean voice describing pissing and shit as 'yellow juice' and 'brown', never again."

Fortunately, this week's update will allow you to turn off game narration. You can now choose whether you want to hear the voice-over of animal nonsense, storytelling, or both in the game. Small changes in time and volume have also been made to help the dialogue flow better.

The update also introduces a number of bug fixes and tweaks ranging from combat and game missions to user interface, sound, world and more. Experiment 101 has also added an "extreme" difficulty mode, along with a New Game + mode that will allow you to take advantage of all classes.

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