The Australian Classification Council values ​​Id Software's "2021B Project", whatever it may be.

The australian classification council values ​​id software's "2021b project", whatever it may be.

Id Software fans speculate on what appears to be a new project under development after the discovery of a list by the Australian Classification Council for something called Project 2021B. The game, classified as M for online violence and interactivity, is a cross-platform "computer game" developed by id and to be published by ZeniMax Europe.

If some weird title sounds like it, you might be thinking Project 2021A, another identifying software development discovered in January – also through the Classification Board website – that Bethesda is publishing. There are several differences, however. The 2021A project is rated R18 + for "high-impact violence" and its type of support is virtual reality, such as featured sites TechRadar predict that a Doom Eternal VR game is in development.

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