The Big Biomutant patch doubles the level limit

The big biomutant patch doubles the level limit

Anthropomorphic rats and kung-fu cats brawler Biomutant has a brand new patch that updates a wide range of features, but more specifically doubles the level limit from 50 to 100. For PC players, there are now also settings to change which field of view you type is adjusting, either horizontally or vertically, so that you can get the right aspect ratio when using the stack of ultra-thin monitors that have been hacked.

The increase in the level limit seems adapted to those who take Biomutant in New Game +, as well as a big change to the loot that allows more variations of the loot instead of being repeated. There are also "several new articles that have higher statistics than their rare counterparts." So, if you find a low-level item that you like, there's a good chance you'll find a high-level variant.

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