The Bloober team fires up new rumors of Silent Hill, but there is still hope

The bloober team fires up new rumors of silent hill, but there is still hope

Layers of the Fear Bloober Team studio announced a "strategic cooperation agreement" with Konami last month, fueling rumors that the Polish studio, known for its horror games, will develop a new Silent Hill. Since then, Internet details have uncovered three code-named projects on the Creative Europe grants website that belong to Bloober Team, and while none of them really sound like Silent Hill games, this it has not prevented some parts of the Internet from concluding that obviously this is exactly what they are.

But according to Bloober Team CEO Tomasz Gawlikowski, they do not respond to inquiries from IGN. Gawlikowski approached each project and ruled out that the H20 project was particularly exciting, as it was the code name for the already published Layers of Fear 2.

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