The broken Game Pass edition of the Ascent is being fixed, according to the developer

The broken game pass edition of the ascent is being fixed, according to the developer

The cyberpunk metropolis of Ascent is a wonderful thing to behold. Unfortunately, at launch, it was a little less impressive in Game Pass than Steam, with the ray tracking and DLSS features missing for the latter. Fortunately, it seems that the developer Neon Giant is the case, with plans to improve the version of Microsoft with Steam.

Posted in response to a disappointed player, the official Neon Giant account promised solutions to the absent DLSS and broken ray tracing implementation, along with a lesser known issue that made loading times take twice as long in Game Pass .

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As our Jacob pointed out, the Game Pass edition lacked options for DLSS. And, since then, Nvidia .dll libraries that support it appeared online, the way Game Pass titles are packaged has made adding them much harder than just dragging and dropping them. The ray tracing, though seemingly supported, seemed to be completely broken in Game Pass.

It's also a shame. Ascology & # 39; s Arcology is a large monolithic urban sprawl that makes the night city of Cyberpunk 2077 easily embarrassing. visuals stretched, except that, in Game Pass, you would never see it to the fullest.

Hopefully, Game Pass subscribers shouldn't have to wait too long to see Arcology to the fullest.

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