The canceled Fallout Van Buren is being remade as a New Vegas mod

The canceled fallout van buren is being remade as a new vegas mod [/ embed]

Van Buren was the code name for a sequel to Fallout 2 developed by Black Isle Studios until it was canceled in 2003. Information about this lost Fallout 3 that may have appeared online in later years, giving it a mythical quality among Fallout fans. . Currently, a group of moderators is dedicated to recreating Van Buren as New Vegas mod called Revelation Blues, as InXile currently owns the name Van Buren.

“We will stay true to Van Buren’s original story as much as possible,” the project page says NexusMods, "and in the future we plan to add a lot of custom features. Right now, the project is still a WIP." You can download and play a Revelation Blues demo from this page right now.

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