The deputy director of Destiny 2 reassures PvP players who have not been abandoned

The deputy director of destiny 2 reassures pvp players who have not been abandoned

The Witch Queen expansion of Destiny 2 will be revealed to the world on August 24, but before that game assistant director Joe Blackburn shared some thoughts on the game's PvP mode in a long thread on Twitter. Blackburn said the team has put a lot of work into "developing Crucible's current experience" and promised that changes will continue next season, including the renewal of Osiris' test mode.

While Blackburn does not directly address the widespread PvP community feeling of Destiny 2 that the mode has been severely neglected, it is clear from the detail in which it is dedicated and the topics with which it discusses which audience it is speaking to. If the promises made in this thread (some of which are quite far apart) will be enough to mitigate players who have not received a new map count, 674 days, is another topic.

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