The developer of Dicey Dungeons now electrocutes strangers to Roblox

The developer of dicey dungeons now electrocutes strangers to roblox

Dicey Dungeons and VVVVVV creator Terry Cavanagh have been getting a bit of Roblox recently. After daring players to climb on a little man, the Irish developer is now hitting the players at random with a lightning in the succinct name Lightning could hit at any time at any time.

Earlier this week, Cavanagh released a simple outline for an extremely cunning multiplayer experiment with Roblox's editing tools. It's definitely the biggest release of a game I've read in years.

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Now out, Cavanagh's latest "Obby" (don’t call it a game) provides exactly what it promised. Every 30 seconds, a random player on the server will be flashed. You can't stop it. You can't help it. Lightning will surprise you. But if you hit someone else, you’ll grow a little more.

At best, you can expect the server to fill up enough to make the heavy weight of the numbers less likely to fry you. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like lightning will rip you off the server completely, just as it was launched; instead, you have shrunk from your height.

By Cavanagh’s admission, Get on the giant man it took about three months to come together as he caught up with Roblox’s tools. Meanwhile, ACBSBLAAT seems to have come together in a few days, talking about how easy it seems for developers to launch ideas into the platform’s tools.

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