The developers of DokeV explain what this weird GTA game is really about: Babies

The developers of dokev explain what this weird gta game is really about: babies

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During yesterday's Opening Night Live broadcast on Gamescom we saw a new game called DokeV that frankly baffled us all. Developed by the Black Desert Online studio Pearl Abyss, it was described as "an informal and open adventure, full of charming stories", featuring players who collect creatures called Dokebi, who live side by side. with humans and foster people's dreams from where you get strength ".

The trailer was long, loud, and completely confusing, but in a good way, if only because it left us wanting to know more about what was going on. During today’s Future Games Show, we made it: While yesterday’s presentation was all solid, furious and confusing, today is a clearer breakdown of what players should expect.

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