The developers of Valheim bought a real horse

The developers of valheim bought a real horse

Valheim's incredible success (6.8 million sales and revenue) has led to major changes for developer Iron Gate Studios. Although the team is still working remotely, it is finding new offices, hiring a lot of new talent … and now it is decided to buy a pony (also known as a small horse).

The latest development update is being read: "In a way, we have already received a new member of the team, greet the horse Valheim! We collaborated with our friends from Skövde ryttarförening (Sköve riding club) to get them a horse new (technically pony) for your riding school. four) leg mate). "

Look at this pony!

Valheim the pony.

(Image credit: Iron Gate Studios)

In addition to detailing some minor tweaks, such as a review of the harpoon mechanics, the message continues to talk about the progress of Valheim’s next major update, called Hearth and Home.

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