The director of Final Fantasy 14 hates that people think his game has overtaken World of Warcraft

The director of final fantasy 14 hates that people think his game has overtaken world of warcraft

Final Fantasy 14 director Naoki Yoshida doesn't thank people who sink into World of Warcraft, saying their game "wouldn't exist" without Blizzard's MMO and comparing the two is " the wrong conversation ".

With World of Warcraft having some successes recently, including the treatment they gave the Sylvanas, many players have been jumping into Final Fantasy 14, including the popular streamer Asmongold. It has been seen that the balance tilted in favor of Square Enix, with the game recently destroying its number of simultaneous players on Steam. A story has also been created about which game the MMO has won.

It’s a conversation that seems like Yoshida isn’t too interested. The director delivered a rather thoughtful speech about the perceived rivalry between the two games in a 14-hour live broadcast earlier this month, which has been very kindly translated by blluist on YouTube. When told that Final Fantasy 14 had been more popular than WoW this year, Yoshida quickly clarified that he did not believe his game had "surpassed" that of Blizzard.

"Blizzard is certainly aware of this, but without World of Warcraft, a reborn kingdom would not exist," Yoshida said. "WoW was the game we were constantly looking at." He also expressed his disapproval for the conversation about which game is better, saying that “our goal was to recreate a Final Fantasy version of WoW, so saying we won or lost against WoW is not basic to begin with, because they were the game we aspired to be. " [/ embed]

Yoshida also touched a bit on the counts of the two games. When he discussed the maximum of 12 million paid subscriptions to World of Warcraft, he said “there’s no way” Square Enix can compete with that. Yoshida compared WoW to Everest, saying such a high number "is completely out of reach." Still, he expressed gratitude for Final Fantasy 14’s own growth momentum. “We’re growing at a rate that even amazes me,” he said. "It's a little scary."

“The hard work we’ve done in Final Fantasy 14 has paid off,” Yoshida continued. "But this whole conversation about overcoming WoW is the wrong conversation and it's downright irritating." When the interviewer tried to tell Yoshida that he hoped he had said "we are the best", he replied: "If I were this kind of guy, we would get lost and 14 would not be loved by so many people."

It’s hard to deny that Yoshida is such an important reason for the success of Final Fantasy 14. He’s a likeable personality, he’s had a lot of respect for the community, and his hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. While this is certainly not the first time WoW has been developed, it is good that it continues to emphasize the importance of its existence.

The live broadcast also had detailed plans for Yoshida facilitating house hunting within the game, as well as plenty of other things in anticipation of the Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker expansion, which will be released on November 23rd.

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