The director of Final Fantasy 14 recommends these forays to get the most out of Endwalker

Final fantasy 14: endwalker will arrive on november 23, check out the new 6-minute trailer

Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker is getting closer, but after nearly a decade of plot twists and characters spanning three expansions, it can be hard to understand what to keep in mind when introducing climate expansion of the MMO.

Fortunately, speaking recently with PC Gamer, game director Naoki "Yoshi P" Yoshida gave us a handy checklist of what missions you should check if you want all of Endwalker's beats and beats to make sense when you skip this one. November.

"It's an MMORPG, so of course I think it's better that you play freely," Yoshida explained. "However, if you want to talk about the tradition in more detail and get to know better the world behind the main stage in the missions you will find in Endwalker, I'm glad if you play through the raid series "Coils of Bahamut", "Alexander" and "Omega", if you haven't already, are not mandatory missions, but they are forays deeply rooted in the mysteries of the FFXIV world. "

None of these missions are absolutely mandatory to understand Endwalker, Yoshida points out. As relatively independent stories, consider also that you can wait until you've finished the Endwalker before diving into these raids. But, being "deeply rooted in the mysteries of the FFXIV world," Yoshida believes that these missions will make Endwalker's stories much more affecting.

"If you want to play through Endwalker with a deeper insight into the characters and their thoughts, I'm sure these forays will allow for a richer gaming experience."

Arriving on November 23, Endwalker is approaching the current historic arc of Final Fantasy 14. That doesn’t mean the MMO is completely over. Future expansions yes explore completely new stories in the same universe, perhaps on completely unexplored continents, with a small point in time travel.

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