The director of the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition project says multiplayer could return

The director of the mass effect: legendary edition project says multiplayer could return

One of the biggest omissions of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, at least in my eyes, is the multiplayer support. The cooperative multiplayer component of Mass Effect 3 was excellent: small squads of players facing increasingly difficult waves of enemies in a variety of specifically built arenas, with optional objectives and a desperate ending for extraction. It’s a multiplayer mode that I really miss.

BioWare chose to remove the multiplayer support from the Legendary Edition, saying that the effort required to incorporate it was simply too great. “I think our focus was on a player’s experience and at some point we had to draw the line,” project director Mac Walters said in February. "I love the ME3 multiplayer, as I say people still play it today, but in the end I think the product, the ME: LE in general, is a better representation of the original trilogy because we can focus on those elements. single player ".

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